Saturday, January 30, 2010

is this some kind of scam...?

(this is quoted from another fellow employee's story..)

Lady (goes to employee)  I want a snowblower on receipt.

Employee ok well the snowblowers are over here...

Lady I dont actually want a snowblower. I want other things. But I  need a snowblower on the receipt.

Employee uhh what? what do you want to buy?

Lady Lots of other things. Just show a snowblower on receipt!

Employee Uh..if you want a snowblower on your receipt, you'll be taking a snow blower.

Lady goes to customer service....

Lady: If i buy a snow blower and return it.. can i keep the receipt showing i payed for snowblower, not the return?

Customer service rep: Uh.. what? no...we have to show you returned it.

Lady: i need a snowblower on my reciept!

Its difficult leaving a store....

Guy (at the store entrance, going the wrong direction, struggles to get through the twirl gates, that don't move in the direction he wants..)

Me (at customer service, next to store entrance): You have to exit through the front doors sir.

Guy: How do you get through here?! (sounding annoyed, still struggling with the gates)

Me: Well you have to leave through the front doors sir, not here.

Guy: Where?

Me: The front doors are behind the cashiers (points in their direction)

Guy: Where? (looking aimlessly in the direction i point..)

Me: Over by the cashiers right there. (I point to them again, trying to be calm)

Guy: You mean i can't leave through here? (aggravated..)

Me: No, you have to leave through the doors by the cashier, sir.

Guy: Where?

Me: See the front doors by the cashiers right there?

Guy: Oh. (and storms away, angry, in the direction NOT towards the cashiers.. )

True story. word for word. I don't think this guy was foreign either.