Saturday, January 30, 2010

is this some kind of scam...?

(this is quoted from another fellow employee's story..)

Lady (goes to employee)  I want a snowblower on receipt.

Employee ok well the snowblowers are over here...

Lady I dont actually want a snowblower. I want other things. But I  need a snowblower on the receipt.

Employee uhh what? what do you want to buy?

Lady Lots of other things. Just show a snowblower on receipt!

Employee Uh..if you want a snowblower on your receipt, you'll be taking a snow blower.

Lady goes to customer service....

Lady: If i buy a snow blower and return it.. can i keep the receipt showing i payed for snowblower, not the return?

Customer service rep: Uh.. what? no...we have to show you returned it.

Lady: i need a snowblower on my reciept!


  1. wow did this happen today ?

  2. yeah the two in one day! nothing interesting to report fromt he 31st though :(